Posted on April 25th, 2017.

IRFC Volunteer Coordinator

John O’Donoghue has fulfilled this role superbly but cannot continue next season.

Recruiting volunteers is crucial to running a strong and healthy rugby club. The majority of clubs wouldn’t survive without volunteers and wouldn’t thrive without quality volunteers. We have got many many marvellous volunteers at our club – probably more than you think, certainly over 50 individuals covering coaching, refereeing, first aid, team management, fundraising, committee roles, kitchen help, social events and so much more.

Like coaching and refereeing, the key to recruiting quality volunteers is to have a quality Club Volunteer Coordinator.

What is a Club Volunteer Coordinator?

A CVC is someone who should be first point of contact for potential volunteers in a club and should also be pro actively supporting current volunteers. Ideally you want to ensure the CVC holds only that role as it is time-consuming to support, manage and recruit volunteers.

What do they do?

A CVC is involved across the club. The two links below explain that in more detail.

CVC Role Description

CVC Role Guide